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Campaign Update


Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden is a rediscovered wild space in the
heart of Deptford, and under threat from development.



What has happened

Sadly on 27 September 2017 Lewisham Planning Committee voted in favour of the Reginald Road Development , condemning the future of the garden and 16 homes at Reginald House. 


The committee hearing was well attended by local residents and garden campaigners but sadly our efforts fell short of convincing our local councillors to rethink this development for the benefit of Deptford.


The council voted 4 in favour 2 against the approval of the scheme;


FOR APPROVAL: Councillors De Ryk (Chair), Bonavia, Onokosi and Reid 

AGAINST: Councillors Clarke and Coughlin 

Minutes can be found on the right hand side >>>>>>>>

What have we done since

We’ve sent a letter to Sadiq Khan asking him to review Lewisham Council’s decision, this was sent on 29 September. We must also thank Len Duvall for his continued support for the campaign from the GLA Assembly. 


Sadiq will formally review this case , you can find a copy of the Letter here >>>


We’ve also appeared on LondonLive making our case visible on October 03 >>


This letter has been supported via a Lewisham Deptford Labour Party General Committee - who passed a motion on the 12th October to review this decision.


you can see more info here >>


If you have any further ideas for actions we can take please email


What next


The garden is still open on Saturday’s between 12 noon and 3pm up until Christmas, This coming Sunday 05 November we are having a special bonfire night celebration between 4-8pm.


Come join us on November 12 at the Birdnest pub for the ‘No Social Cleansing in Lewisham! fundraiser.


As well as a great night of music this event brings together many of the local struggles taking place in Deptford including; Achilles Street, The Birdnest, The Boating community and the Tidemill site. 

Lewisham council voted to redevelop the Wildlife Garden and Reginald House, the fight continues ...

Letter requesting Sadiq formally reviews the decision
Lewisham council Minutes from Strategic Planning Committee - 27 September 2017
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